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  • It’s the time of year when passion and love come to the forefront of everybody’s mind and show the world—how full of warmth and sultriness you truly are.It is the season to give your look a little oomph. Nothing perks up the drab mid-winter blues like the color red.
    The color red depicts passion, power, sultriness, and strength. These descriptors not only create feelings but a persona, as well. Who drives the candy apple red convertible? Who wears the 5-inch Barcelona red stilettos? Who colors their hair red? Follow the vigor and slip on a haircolor shade of red to spice things up. How you wear your red is completely up to you. Be bold and daring, or subtle and sweet, it is up to you.Discover what kind of redhead is hiding inside you:Are you audacious and ready to stop traffic? Deviate from the norm and pioneer the red hot highway. Take a cue from Rihanna’s signature new hued locks and tell the world I am sexy, fearless and I like to stick out, not blend in.If you love the powerful presence of that bold tone but aren’t ready to commit your whole head, gradually test the waters. Just follow the path that Joss Stone did, start gradually. Ask your stylist to create peek-a-boo pieces to create that pop of color you’re looking for. Think about it like switching out your go-to pumps for your Barcelona red stilettos, it takes your little black dress to the next level.

    Even if lean to more of classic look or you are a natural redhead, spark new life into your color. Think Christina Hendricks of Mad Men, and all of the iconic shades she has worn with elegance and poise. She has a timeless sense of beauty and sexiness, and a perfect illustration of how even the tamest shade of red oozes sex appeal—but is still appropriate at the office.

    Just a few drops of red can change your hue and your outlook. Think of how that smallest amount of color makes you feel: one accent in a room can change an entire house.  A little extra shimmer can perk up any dull moment.

    Remember color is powerful and has a way of creating an overwhelming sensatory experience, and is completely moldable to your personality. Why keep all of the fire of your personality hidden from the world, show it off through color. Rev up your passion and haircolor this Valentine’s Day, and see where it takes you for the rest of the year!

    Remember, gentleman may prefer blondes, but it takes a real man to handle a redhead.

Steve Coppola

I have been a hair stylist and color expert in St. George for 17 years. I have worked in salons on 5th Ave in New York City; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Vail, Colorado. I have also managed David Alan Salons in New Jersey. I am Exclusively Trained as the only CERTIFIED Redken Specialist in Southern Utah and was Voted as the Peoples Choice "Best Hair Stylist in Southern Utah" by St. George Magazine.